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Eddie Goff, co-owner of Goffs’ Fleetwood Home Center in Campbellsville, has sold manufactured homes in this region for many years. Goff says that the number-one customer complaint used to be related to the foundation of the home. Many problems were traced to set-up problems related to the foundation. After researching manufacturers’ guidelines, HUD standards, and Kentucky regulations, Goff began to seek a foundation design that would improve the structural integrity of manufactured homes. The search for a new design became an engineering odyssey that took Goff from Connecticut to Florida to California. The resulting knowledge led Eddie to design a foundation that is engineer-certified and approved by HUD. The new foundation system exceeded all local, state, and federal code standards.

Goff and his foundation and support system were recently featured in a national guide published by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the Manufactured Housing Institute, and the Manufactured Housing Research Alliance. Known as Goffs’ “monolith grade beam footer,” the design can be used for an infinite variety of floor plans of manufactured homes. It can be adapted to different environments and soil conditions. The footer system has been installed in every double wide home sold by Goffs’ business in the last 15 years. Goff says that his design has never failed due to wind in over 15 years. The engineers’ estimations predict the home with Goffs’ footer system installed could survive a gust of wind at 105 mph or a sustained wind of 85 mph for 24 hours without structural damage to the home.

The cost of the footer installation is greater for Goffs’ business due to the materials used, and the labor required to install it. Most of the cost is for concrete, of which usually 8 to 12 yards are required per home. However, with increased customer satisfaction, and decreased service calls relating to faulty foundation problems, Goff says he can justify paying more for materials.

Since 1969, the Goff family has been striving to provide new innovations for affordable manufactured housing. Continued customer satisfaction is the primary goal of the business. Eddie Goff is well-known locally for his television commercials advertising the business, but he should also be recognized for his serious ingenuity and work ethics which promote safer and longer-lasting quality manufactured home sites in central Kentucky. The Goff footer system is one example of Eddie’s continued dedication to providing affordable, safe manufactured housing for past and future customers.

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